Weather in the Sunshine State

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You can almost always tip your hat to the end of another perfect day in Florida. The climate has always been Florida's most important natural resource, which is reflected in its official nickname; the "Sunshine State."

The average annual weather temperature in Central Florida is 72.6 degrees.  The coldest average temperature month in Central Florida is January, which averages 61.2 degrees.

The seasons in Florida are actually determined more by precipitation than by temperature and are known as the Wet Season and the Dry Season.  Autumn and Winter are characteristically mild to cool and relatively dry while Spring and Summer are fairly hot and humid with afternoon storms.  A fair day, in the late Spring and throughout the Summer, may be interrupted with a storm, only to return to sunshine within an hour.

Coastal areas in all sections of Florida average slightly warmer temperatures in winter and cooler ones in summer.  Visit for the latest weather in Orlando and Central Florida.

Janice White
Janice White